Dedicated to my beloved son (Zaviyan Mehmood)


How quickly does time fly?

On this day, he did cry,

We were so excited.

When the nurse came,

and shouted, “He is a baby boy.”

We waited all the long 9 months.

We were all curious and impatient,

When he was kicking the mom’s belly,

As he gave his message to us,

I am coming, so welcome me.

The best gifts come from heaven.

Sure he cannot know,

But we remembered that moment,

You have only one year with us,

and we pray for many more. “

You are an incredible asset to us.

I remembered your cry,

Nowadays, he is doing some walking try,

He is vexing everybody with his little mischief,

But when he goes to nano’s house,

Everybody misses him so much with sweet grief.



“Rainy season” is called “monsoon, it’s time for rebirth baby.

Uff, that hotness,

Eww, that confinement,

Everything is doing chip chip,

awo, those rashes.

These are the color of nature,

Sometimes cold, sometimes hot,

Sometimes moderate, sometimes short,

These are the features of nature.

It's time of July baby,

Don’t think about outside baby,

Otherwise, it will make you fry baby,

Worst kind of weather you cannot enjoy baby.

Everything looks so hot,

No one can take brath,

Sweaty sweaty these bodies,

Therefore you cannot touch it.

Spicy spicy those lips,

Like salt in lemonade,

Moods are swings,

Like hangover in Florida.



‘’She is the apple of my eye’’

She is queen,

Of my dream,

It’s my luck,

Or my wish,

But I did pray,

All-day and night.

Her beautiful blue eyes,

As a star in the sky,

Her glowing face,

As full moon at night,

Her brown hair lock,

As branches of grapes.

Whenever I look at her,

I feel completed,

Whenever she was out of my sight,

I think missed and lost,

Whenever I meet her,

I kiss her and love her.

Although she is my wife,

But actually, she is my life,

It’s hard life without her,

It's hard imagine without her,

She also loves me,

But I love her as much as a star.



kamran mehmood

kamran mehmood

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